Draft financial alert is not a zero-risk end of the Black Swan

new year, frequent P2P and run cases. Bills logo on the financial management of capital preservation baoxi, exchanged at banks is the most words to attract investor attention, even many investors believe that as long as the Bank does not fall, notes financial security will be assured. However, that's not what happened.

bills first, need to guard against fraud, notes money is a single financing bills as collateral, through the network to the public (that is, laws cannot be called on a specific object), fund raising, and due to return. But whether such compliance is not entirely clear. Secondly, false notes, cloning, delayed payments for this type of investment has led to uncontrollable factors, high yield absolutely unsustainable. ICBC notes sales people on author said, notes most security of way is electric votes, this cannot fraud, but due to equipment and all Bank background level varies of problem, many small Bank also up not to electric votes trading of level, and paper quality Bill equivalent to paper quality check, actually, even electric votes universal has, paper quality check also not completely was eliminated, so, paper quality acceptance fraud still many.

in addition, the Bill endorsed risk. Notes positive clearly marked "not transferable", this Bill is not endorsement. In addition, the endorsement of a bill limiting and endorsements must be in the form of compliance. Endorsement process in the, may appeared of problem main has three a: endorsement signed chapter flaws, that endorsement people no signed Shang himself of corporate chapter, and financial chapter; endorsement straddle chapter problem, Bill sometimes may will appeared times endorsement, so, on must attached stick single, for guarantees endorsement of effectiveness, must in stick single Shang stamped straddle chapter, so-called straddle chapter is refers to a chapter while appeared in pages paper Shang, pages paper for Mosaic just is a full of Zhang Yin; endorsement must continuous, that Qian hand of was endorsement people, Must be hand after endorser and endorsement is not continuous, the acceptor can refuse to pay.

industry experts said that, as of right now, based on Bill financing markets instruments derived products belonging to new products, model is not yet mature, coupled with the lack of transparency, there are no clear rules and regulations, and risk-control system, which may hide many risks. In fact, the main risk is to defer the payment of bills financial default risks. Entire paper market default rate average current to 0.2%-0.45%, but if the accepting bank concentrated in urban firms, agricultural firms, institutions such as the rural credit cooperatives, due payment risk is higher than average.

pledge Zoom lever actually draft financing is just the platform part of the deal, part of the P2P platform after the acquisition of an instrument, and possible follow-up actions, seeking higher yields. A commissioned pay model, finance companies are to handle the bank draft payments, but banks are reluctant to issue, so Enterprise P2P platforms to draft payments on its behalf, in this mode, the platform serves as the Bank's invoicing role, activating the Bills in his hand. Second is issuing a credit cycle, the platform will be in the hands of Bill pledge to the Bank, to issue letters of credit, credit discount outside back into US dollars, through the immigration and settlement of trade into Yuan, finance and high interest rates, then the money pledged to a bank to open a new credit, cycled constantly Zoom lever.

rate of silver network, experts say, if you follow the above instructions, bills are invigorated, honoured on investor protection without the P2P platform, the holder of the Bank because of platforms are not qualified, the draft of the platform to pay or refuse to accept, this is not a trivial risk. Experts also said that paper wealth management platforms are of low risk and high profit as the biggest selling point, title and security compared to other assets, notes financial risk is low, after all maturity bank after an unconditional support, finance and other product safety cannot be achieved, but the platform operation standard for product safety is also important, bills finance is not foolproof.



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