Picking up stones do not when disk access is worth 100 million financial planner reminders collection

recently, the media reported that a man found in the River in Chongqing stone, worth up to 100 million. Jiafeng Rhett's financial planner to know that now the man picked up the stones are still in "bid price" stage, did not form any transaction.  This stone has been temporarily placed in a collection in store as the "treasures of the town shop."

about stone shapes, say some way, looked like men. Therefore, the fans named it as "source of life".  It is reported that the stone picked up the Yangtze River, currently with a fetus "images" of stones put together, form exhibits a price as high as 100 million.

picked up this side of "stones" and "Nugget" and picking up the "diamond", a rare stroke of good luck, which is fundamentally different. Relative to gold, diamonds, which have a more formal market, the relative standards of valuation procedures and quick circulation transactions. Pick up the "stone", it does not necessarily make a fortune.  Art collection, including stone, crafts, crafts, antiques, the actual value is much lower than value of art collections, in investments to watch.

Although, sometimes very hot in the art market, but as an investment, even when it is played as a hobby for investment, also need to be cautious. Expensive these things, once a wrong value estimates in the future, is likely to cause heavy losses. For example, some "local" rich without money, with hundreds of thousands of millions bought the stones, then when you need to sell assets, probably these rocks can only be traded in the market on a hundred, thousands of Yuan price.  This gap is often very unpredictable and investment be careful not to become a "buyers".

in addition, the art collection also faced a great deal of professional sex. In ubiquitous collection of fakes, and a variety of critics of the name of evaluation (care), valuation, which could cause prices of large deviations. Buy fake or worthless. Collections investments because the subjectivity of value greatly, professional and great, the investment risk is very high.  Recommends average investors not familiar or not familiar with, it's best to avoid this type of investment.

the above "source of life" treasures of the town shops, if you really want to wait until the real buyers bid hundreds of millions, will have to wait for 100 years. During this period, if it is configured as steady profits investment tools such as select Fund, compounded of 10% a year, valued at over 13,000 times. Not so good luck!



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