Buy a House together before marriage divorce how to write a person's name?

readers wrote to Mr Wu, both husband and wife together got home before marriage, but writing a person's name, what would split when divorce? Is marital property?

Guangdong strong law firm family law department director Wu Jiezhen said, if property is acquired after the marriage of this House, which is good, is property acquired after marriage, which belongs to the marital property. But if the House property was made before the marriage, the situation is more complicated, how determined were the two elements. First of all, depends on whether both before his marriage to form partnerships. If you form a cohabiting relationship, then the housing if the registration of a name, but are both financed the purchase, still belong to the common property.

but legally common property is divided into a "marital property" and "common law generally common property", how do you decide? Need to see whether cohabitation as husband's name. On behalf of the couple living together, after picking up marriage licenses, marriage dates back to living together when the House is community property.

Second, looking at the purpose of investment home buyers. If you are married, according to the Guangdong provincial higher people's Court 2011 meeting minutes, in the absence of evidence is clear given the opponent's case, still identified as community property. If the House is not in order to marry, but a gift of love, is personal property.



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