Polish girls eye: how to tell if a man is really rich?

men will have to get rich?

I always adhered to the basic point firmly rather than judge, nor to the money people. I detest the men who pose as Giants cheated their sister. Many sister cheated for so many years, and even some famous beauty and informative hosts. As long as the news broke, a woman with "rich" secret quick Flash in a high profile in advance, not long married hastily divorced, most of her left eye.

wedding after finding each other to earn than myself, insecure woman's heart more imbalances retreat. Earlier Zhang Ziyi and her foreign boyfriend Vivi Nevo wants happiness, outsiders think, publicly announced the upcoming wedding of Zhang Ziyi will usher in the era of lying in bed counting money. Not long after, outgoing wedding cancelled, Zhang Ziyi and this is called the "New York wealth masters" rich and completely break the news. Such tidbits, make it hard to read. In that case, we're going to tear off hypocrisy of pseudo-Regal mask. Below I will inventory for everyone that no one tell your man to camouflage.

1, really rich riches is the first logo, and false Regal is the first symbol is showing off. Flaunting of Regal, almost ten out of ten in the Regal is false. The logo is simple and intuitive. The reason is very simple, showing off is the nouveau riche of morbid psychology, the real message? Just like there is an important characteristic of Chinese calligraphy, Silver Shadow m. This is not a standard, but a basic knowledge to get started. People who don't understand Tibetan feng, knew nothing about Chinese calligraphy.

2, rich's name often appears in the charity world, pseudo-rich on Philanthropy list treated as enemies. You just quietly asked me, how do you evaluate China donated the first naked man Chen? Listen to him, one can be sure whether he is really rich or pseudo-rich. Wouldn't it be simple? This is an acid test.

3, not only with the car man car price. Equal does not mean the man is really rich. In China and around the world, man's taste in cars is no less love for the woman. If that man happened to be doing my own small business, but as thin as possible with the best car. Without him, because it is the best sound card.

4, rather than buy a famous painting men. If he is not a consistent collector, occasionally a stage start to buy a painting or work of art, and choose in advance to have great concern, extreme hype pruducts, congratulations, or are at high risk for them to do special business or his recent money chain got a big problem. At this point he needed in order to let the world have confidence in him or sit up, may be behind the cost of 10 million Yuan RMB 1 billion endorsement of trust, 1 billion yuan funding gap.

5, really rich and never show their cards easily, get a business card he was difficult. If not related parties of interest or need, really rich won't give them a business card. Because his time is very near. Meanwhile, his words on the card, title, perhaps only one. If someone's business card has a lot of virtual and not real title, be sure to watch out for him. Title the more the higher probability of fake and counterfeit. Meanwhile, the mailbox on the card was a great scholar, if the mail is not exclusive, or he is not formal or smaller, or he was a bogus company, rely on inside resources to make money. Of course, I also see personal email suffix, the billionaire stock compensation earned tens of millions of Yuan not blink, who are entering the stock market players at an early age.

6, do not watch him show off special resources. Some top cheats are willing to invest, driving a brand new Audi, pick you can have special access to the plane, promised to bring you to a state dinner. The more everything, be careful. Resources are the replacement of some man with a mouth out of scarce resources (remember, resources are not real money). This guy just brought him a rip-off restaurants, he must take the initiative to order, always say what do you want casual, is green vegetables with rice in the end.

7, really rich on their own industry dynamics, history, present at his fingertips. Rich said his industry eyes shining, and full of energy, 1000 years, the next 1000 years, 1000 years, very familiar. Regal even in professional defeat, can Shi Yuzhu-like comeback.



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