Students hired for class double "substitute" the average monthly income of thousand Yuan

courses as "disastrous", "substitute" average earning thousands Yuan teachers say not all students find colleges and universities recognize students who pay people to their school, English language courses are "disastrous", and some students even find someone to substitute for a semester. There is demand there is a market, some students find part-time "substitute" very easy, fast money, they exchange on the micro-credit, QQ Group, on behalf of four or five lessons per week, nearly a month income.

recently, a reporter in "the substitute group" took two lives, listening to the teacher in class name replied, who signed the roster even cross the border. In photographs taken in class to "employers" and soon received 70 Yuan in PayPal "substitute". University teachers, paid tuition for College, will have to pay on behalf of their class, to just doesn't make any sense. But some of the courses students are taught, cannot recognize everyone, making it difficult to find a substitute. News spread up to seek a term in a student group can be found on the Internet "substitute group" has more than 700 more, Beijing has more than more than 10. Within these groups the number of about 200 to 300 people, some even up to 2000 people.

reporters at the "Beijing Haidian supply headquarters group" see this message: "the morning of November 15, first to second quarter, boys, price seeking substitute, interested private chat. "Substitute notice, and each post is a substitute person on the phone. Announcement on the "substitute" requirement from a class, two classes, one or two days, substitute cycle variable, maximum of up to 13 weeks, 13 weeks is basically a one-semester course. Whether it is micro-groups or QQ Group, "supply base" propaganda is to rely on students within the Group word of mouth, or the nature of the Group and the group to other groups, like their classes and community groups.

groups of "substitute" information related to the Beijing Institute of technology, Central University for nationalities, Beijing forestry University, China University of mining technology and the capital economic and trade University and other colleges and universities, once the information post on how students ask someone specific, but most of the students will select and publish private chat. Curriculum physical education courses into the hardest-hit areas could run on reporter noted, for someone to "substitute" courses are English, languages, courses of Marxist philosophy, physical education classes can run. More than for someone to "substitute" students revealed that move was that some courses, particularly public course is not important, for someone to go to class to make my own free time to process or practice. "Public teacher named love or quiz, if absent missed will affect your score. "

one student said, some schools require absence one-third will have to repeat the course. Reporters at the Renmin University of China know NPC Web page, can be found for "substitute" information, such as someone to a class because of exam conflicts, or looking for a long term substitute practice time conflicts. Substitute group, mostly students and newly graduated students, "there is demand there is a market, there is a market there. Often substitute Zhang told reporters that the substitute is not hard, pay also for the students are OK, "just sit there for a lesson, the money will get their hands on. "A find someone to substitute student told reporters that he had someone to English class 4 sections, public course 5, someone to have 4 sections. Time to find someone to substitute teacher named found, the teacher asked each other's names, then the teacher will not punish me, this thing dropped. About the school or pay people to classes, the students think, some classes are a waste of time, it is better to do something else rather than harvested much in class. "

If the practice, the servant class is paid a fraction of the money, worth it. "Part-time income Shi paid high had McDonald's average earning near thousand Yuan one often substitute of students small Lee in multiple substitute group in" part-time ", she told reporter, she by joined of substitute group in of people and information are is mark, times help people substitute of she said, General is to class zhihou photo or by other other requirements said himself to has, Shang finished class other on will with paid treasure or micro-letter transfers to she.

"my junior year is enough time, can substitute at least 4 to 5 bar a week, classes will not be less than 30 yuan. "She said, a substitute can earn nearly 1000 Yuan a month on average. Xiao Li part-time class a good buy, "work at McDonald's an hour to 13 5. "Substitute headquarters group, told reporters in Beijing, substitute only the sex and age requirements, and some specialized classroom questioning and testing, you also need to have the relevant expertise required with students.

"some also have requirements, as far as possible. Come to substitute the Basic is to know names strictly to what extent, so will move the corresponding requirements, will not be found. "He said. To spend money to find someone to substitute a thing, students also hold different views. Communication University of China, Zhang Xin believes that her human substitute substitute is more common than pay someone, she thinks because of the effectiveness of the substitute and uncertainty she felt was for students to help better, "such as roommate a lesson, only meals or for her next time, rather than direct money to" buy ". "

journalists experience answer to sign a clearance two courses earn 70 Yuan in recent days, a reporter in" Beijing class group "linked to a sophomore communication University of China in the" employers ". Reporters with the student agreed that Chronicles 2-hour elective course, collect "substitute" 40 Yuan. Reporters at 30 yuan price, with another student on the agreed 1 hour English class. Subsequently, the reporter went to the student in the specified class. The elective courses, regardless of professional school students may take Visual class, there are about more than 100 people.

class begins, teachers took attendance register proceed, in naming the teacher will occasionally take a look at the names of the students, a look at students sitting position, most naming the time teacher and down named hearing "to" sound, to not answer to classmate after classmate's name to make a check mark. The class full no questions or assignments.

reporters passed successfully, send photographs taken in class to find classmates for the lesson, PayPal immediately received 40 transfers from each other. Then, a reporter for the English class on another student. In the classroom, students sign in at the podium on the sign in sheet, reporters found a substitute after a classmate's name and in the name, says it has successfully sign in, no teacher to check. The English teacher often ask students to answer questions, so look for English class students publish information will specifically talk about English level four to six levels, or higher. Substitute pass again, and received a substitute 30 supply fee paid by students.

teachers respond to too many students don't recognize difficult to catch substitute 16th, what the teacher of the school of literature, communication University of China, told reporters, University four years should be carefully studying stage, should not give up in class to do other things, "should have learned have learned before, this is not worth it. "

he believes that parents pay for their child's College, children don't have a good class, will have to spend their parents ' money to hire someone to have class," this just doesn't make sense. " She mentioned that hire "substitute" is also dishonest to his teacher, his irresponsible behavior, she hopes students will exercise self-discipline and don't pay people to class thing. Mr Hu said of the school of theater film and television, now specialized course teachers want to take one or two classes of seventy or eighty students, course teacher even 500 people on the course, unable to remember each student's appearance. "Now the class is answered or sign, there is no substitute for hard to find. "The

coup-proof fingerprint collection wonders vote off thought" substitute "phenomenon is more common, many colleges and universities are against the coup. Zhuhai College of Beijing University "fingerprint registration": a teacher of the school attendance with fingerprint, students dropping classes according to the fingerprint check.

it is said that this "artifact" occurred has worked wonders, and basically play truant. Nanjing Normal University of Arts "photo check missing": before each class, study Committee take the classroom teacher and the class 360-degree panorama, photos to the school after class. Sichuan University "class voting machine": the "artifact" can be called upon to register and answer, classroom scores. Each student will have a uniform number, enter their corresponding number in class, you know.



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