Express contract 14,000 a month how to invest money to make money

Courier Xiao Qin, 31, express delivery for many years. At present, he is contracted for a regional express himself, good benefits, monthly income now averaging at around 14,000. Into individual months, such as double, contract months net profit doubled to 25,000. After work, Xiao Qin now has some savings, he took 50,000 yuan in stocks since last year, first made a part, but when additional investment losses.

at present, Xiao Qin had capital of 300,000, he would like to know how safe a small investment. In this regard, the Carlingford Reid financial planner recommended Xiao Qin and its capital compact in size, if you want to secure, stable investment, then, can refer to the following way:

1, the yield from the investment of fixed income products, many available funding is not guaranteed, for a number of large investments, may not be enough money. Equity investment trusts, private-equity firms, for example, tens of millions of Yuan. And some of the benefits of guaranteed fixed-income money, is configurable, suitable for most working-class and middle-class families used to do asset allocation. Fixed-income products can be configured in the Investable funds around 30% to 60%.

2, monthly investment and investments in addition, Xiao Qin also can make some regular monthly quantitative input, adds up. Now the configuration of some of the Fund, can spend hundreds of Yuan per month, thousands of long-term accumulation is also very good. This month set mode, can be done by bank transfer, but as the money into the Fund income is generally lower than the fixed-income products. This set of investment, Xiao Qin can also be properly configured.

3, the stock investment, do not blindly invest while stock of investment, greater risk, and financial planner recommended Xiao Qin are not to increase spending. Last 50,000 yuan of stock market investment is losing, but not high proportion of investment, to maintain the status quo stock prices back. Can also call cartridge swap, of course, looking for new investment opportunities. In General, stock investment ratio should not be too high, should be kept at an investment fund of 30%.

4, power can be increased in the future to protect the present, Xiao Qin Express has been working quite hard outside all day sun, breathing bad air pollution, which could cause potential health effects. Therefore, the recommended Xiao Qin future spare capacity, you can configure some things like health insurance and accident insurance, and prevention of possible diseases or accidents cause big losses and loss of wealth.

in General, for Xiao Qin, which engaged in the hard work of "express", is a small business, revenue has also been good, but in wealth has more income, these financial investments and investments, it is necessary to implement.



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