Make money don't be confused: the stock market rookie mistake cut losses at the bottom 30%

after entering the quarter, market a warm. The Shanghai composite index rose 11.78%, gem is up 21.88% this was relieved by many investors.  Market, investors should be happy, but Lee was chagrined, because of his mistake, Miss a rally that, there has been no small loss.

entering the stock market profit of 100,000 yuan

Lee is one of the new investors, egged on by friends and classmates earlier this year just to enter the stock market. As the market was hot, Mr Li Burlington will benefit a lot of money.  "I just enter the market when the stupid do not understand anything, even the main Board and gem are unsure, k line, EMA is nothing entirely on the recommendation of a friend, I just want to give it a try, cannot take money."

according to Mr LEE, he was buying Veken elite, initial purchase cost is about 7.5 Yuan, together bought 50,000 yuan, due to the amount of money buying much, Mr LEE has no heart. Until mid-June, Lee bought the House to pay down payment now to invest stock market money, only to find that original investment of 50,000 yuan, nearly 150,000 yuan. Veken elite's stock also rose from 7 to 21. "Totally silly, don't know there is such a thing, almost 100,000 yuan in profits, which can be equivalent to me half a year's salary!  From then on, I started to pay attention to the stock market. "

just a few days loss of 60,000

in August this year, Mr Li appeared comfortable in hand, then got 200,000 to enter the market. "The wave of market, I'm really lucky, basically did a complete wave of bands, a swap back and forth is not tossing in the Middle, and the second is because coincidentally escaped June adjustment, can be said to be unscathed. Heard that most of the retail market was strangling horribly mangled, but because there is no feeling, so vigilance is not high for risk, just thought the money market was well earned, that if profit-taking, you can reap benefits.  I just feel there is a huge gold mine in waiting for me to dig. "

Lee entered the market again, this time he chose Veken elite, Mr Lee explained that the reason one is to think of this unit and myself, stock buy it will earn a lot of money for the first time, followed by adjustment of the unit, has been transferred to 9 Yuan, he decided he'd had quite cheap. On August 10 this year, with 9.5 per cent of the cost, and bin buying. But this time, not as lucky as the last, start up well, but the 18th, Hung way down after closing down, eat all the accumulated profits of a few days.  

Mr LEE is a little dumbfounded, I do not know how to operate, but he is still holding the last of the old experience, continue to hold, then market adjustments, especially on August 24 and 25th, fell for a second day, shares dropped to below 7 Yuan, Li wreck near 30%, just a few days, 200,000 not 60,000.

for listed companies "know nothing"

"I hastened to call friends and ask what to do, he told me that because of the plunge in the early, fragile confidence in the market, are likely to continue a downward adjustment, let me lighten up, 26th opening I silo selling, selling price is approximately 6.7 Yuan. Results Veken elite started with as much upward, I cut to the floor, now shares above the 9, I dare not enter, watching the market rising by the day, I feel a kind of start feeling.  "The information times, said Lee reluctantly.

Veken elite is what sectors of company, Mr LEE should have indicated that he did not know, and the performance of listed companies, Mr LEE is not clear.


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