Graduated from a four-year deposit 20+ said that financial history

I graduated in June 2011, but in March, when I started working, also has done various part-time during the University, graduate there are 40,000 on hand. Didn't know that finance is placed in Bank fixed deposits for a year. Later work to develop the habit of daily bookkeeping, and readily remember destiny, has been used.

first year: 2011 first 2650 per month salary, working in a third-tier cities, and his colleagues rented a House, rent utilities with about 500 part-time English tutor, about 500 per month income, deposit 1500-2000 per month, the money is in his bank account. End of the first year, plus bonuses at the end of a 60,000 deposit.

second year: 2012 is going smoothly, wages gradually gone up three times a year by the end of the nearly 5000 pay monthly overhead and almost before, more debt and buy something for my parents. Save 3000-3500 every month, plus bonus and deposit interest rates by the end of, with 110,000 at the end of the deposit.

third year: 2013 or the work, but the benefits were not so good, wage is around 5000. Then, in July jumped to work in Beijing, beginning 75,001 months wages, subsidies for 300, less insurance and taxes get their hands around 7300 and his colleagues rented a House and I out of 1200 a month rent utilities, spending around 2000 balances each month 3500-4000. Later the same year in November for a job in foreign capital, wages 7700, but insurance and Provident Fund are in accordance with the salary, Provident Fund came after the home from Beijing, so equivalent to the 7600 each month and get our hands on, and balances each month about 4000.

this year bought a House back in her hometown, third-tier cities, but prices are not low, parents pay 400,000 down payment loans of 450,000, 100. My 2700 per month, beginning in November. By the end of the deposit before the count, a total of 160,000 deposits, mostly in banks, put some in PayPal and micro-ECR inside.

fourth year: June 2014 salary up to 8500, but I separated in August home, excluding mortgages, balances each month before going home around 1500, a coexistence of 13000. Before the home went on to the company for a period of time, each month 4000-5000, live and eat at home, also remaining 20,001 months in PayPal and micro-financing source for the tens of thousands of smaller, gains at the end of about 1000.

to deposit a total of 200,000 by the end of it. House got rented out under the simply decorated, with 20,000 at the end of the rent. $ 100,000 loan in advance, chatting with friends came into contact with the end of P2P, the annual gain of about 10%, I'll put a 1000, later additions. When no proceeds are going to return the following year.

the fifth year: 2015 to start work in March this year and, occasionally, do some part-time, 3500-4000 income each month, excluding mortgage and expenses, almost 500 or so per month, but this year via P2P banking revenue nearly 5000 through micro-financing source for the 500 and pay income and fixed deposit interest, there are now more than 140,000. There are more than 10,000 rent, with 160,000.

P2P also worry about a bit of a risk, diversification, because a friend of a friend works in a P2P, think it is tricky, buy yourself a book to learn some, voted in a few, remaining in the Bank. Now in his hometown of salary is not high, but via P2P banking balances each month. Expert guidance, there is nothing better than a good investment, shares of this high risk I don't dare to try. Hope returns to 10% above. Thank you!



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