Well equity funds last January record 103 up Super 20%

since October, after three months of shock adjustment market finally ushered in a rare rally. Rebound of the stock market, and a strong ability to actively manage stocks and stock fund net boats. According to buy Fund data show that from October 8 to October 23, 15 stocks funds cumulative net out at 20%, and partial shares in hybrid funds, the Fund rose more than 20% of up to 103.

Fund most of these honors record highs in the market sell, fund managers judge the market more flexible. In social responsibility Fund, for example, said Fu Pengbo three quarterly reports, Fund Manager, funds from the beginning of July and constantly adjust the overall position and position structure successfully guard against liquidity risks, and sharply rational fluctuation in the market during the period, prudent style of operation, better protect the investment result in the first half.

August end of September early, with lever funds cleanup into end, part industry as media culture, and exit tourism, and new energy car, and consumption electronic, meet long-term consumption upgrade trend of subdivision industry into value interval, Fund moderate increased has these industry in the was wrong killed quality growth unit of configuration, in then market heavy return rational of repair sex market in the, these company also performance out has better of market performance.

three quarterly disclosure of holdings, the Fund's top ten stocks in the network technology and Fred shares rose last January in 30%, tonghua dongbao, letter-d communication and recreation and new rose between 10%-20%, combined net worth rose had made a significant contribution. In addition, the Fund Manager of the Bank of China mixed Chen also pointed out that in the third quarter to take a more defensive investment strategy of the Fund, at a lower position and texture good varieties should fall. Four-quarter prospects, he said, although the Chinese economy is weak, but compared to other emerging countries are still good, so short-term RMB exchange rate should be stabilized gradually. Policy, can still see loose fiscal, the Central Bank will guide interest rates gradually downward economic short term less-than-expected fall

, four-quarter market chain improvement. J judgment a-share market in sharp decline, generally has lower positions of the main players continue to short not enough kinetic energy, the market will gradually stabilize. With the increase in the risk premium, equity market attractive upgrade market will partially fixed the previous fall. However, due to weak fundamentals, value from the bottom up stock selection will be harder to market allocation is reflected in certain topics of speculation.

silver mix, China will maintain a neutral position, thrives in the market demand for industry, for example, medicine, tourism, sports, education and environmental protection industry of the long term trend is up, but also actively concerned about the transition from traditional business opportunities. In combination with the current market environment, buy, fund research center that, in the last few days, although peripheral suspected end of rally, but market sentiment has been activated.

very loose liquidity, bond yields fell below 3% pass. Current market risk has been greatly released outside-funded clean up come to an end, short-term market investment is expected to continue. In terms of fund allocation, for medium to long term investors, still recommended to grasp the stock selection ability of funds, more of a force, and asset allocation.



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