The Central Bank "double flat": 100,000 deposit year shrunk by 100 Yuan

October 23 the Central Bank suddenly announced that take off and land from October 24, and interest rates. Frost day and sure enough "double flat". "Double down", the people are most concerned about is how to make your own hard earned money is not shrinking, would have a better return on investment. Today planning financial planner will give you a good amount of economic accounts, see "double flat" after your book is a deficit or a surplus.

100,000 deposit 100 Yuan a year after the banks ' benchmark one-year deposit interest rate is 1.5%, we do not consider the case of float, if deposited in a bank deposit of 100,000 yuan a year, interest income was after the expiration 101500. But recently released consumer price index (CPI) in September, CPI jumped fell back to 1.6%, and fell back, but 1.5%<1.6%.

If prices at the level 1.6% up, then today's 100,000 yuan can buy goods, need when 101600 Yuan a year. The interest saved by 1500 Yuan a year, but 1500 buy now matching product, has to go to catch a 100 bucks. That is now the buying power of only about 100,000 yuan a year later 99900. Will lead directly to your wealth of 100 Yuan.

1,000,010 business loan, 941 Yuan less per month now that interest rate cuts will save loss, but toting mortgage slave, is worth a lot. Since last year, the Central Bank has been cut up to 6 times, 5 of them focus on this year. Average nearly two months of interest rate cuts and lending interest rate from 6.15% in the year, down to the current 4.9%.

If you have a loan of 1 million, 20 years (240) payments. If by November 22, 2014 loan 5 years above benchmark interest rates 6.55%, payments amounted to 1796447 Yuan, 7485 months supply and demand. If your loan after October 24, 2015, 5 years of benchmark interest rate 4.9%, payments amounted to 1570665 Yuan, monthly 6544. 225782 less total interest, monthly payment is lower than it was before the 941. Planning tips house slaves are required to note that because of the Bank's policy is different, so the time the new interest rate will be different. Some have to wait until after January next year for new interest rate, some can be executed in the next month.

to consult the Bank official. At this point, all you have to do three things first: his bank account to shop around while the benchmark interest rate of one-year 1.5% can't out-run CPI, but this rate cut is not the restrictions on Bank floating rate, so to save buddy on a regular basis, don't stare at the big four, and joint-stock banks, city commercial banks are good choices. Second: to get debt credit interest rates to drop further, authorities MOM do you still not understand?

"child hit, quickly consumption to borrow money from me, I'll give you 75 percent in interest rates not yet! "Since authorities MOM take practical action to encourage consumption, as long as you like, the Bank also dares to take, you dare to spend. Houses, cars, and even mobile phones, computers or anything, need a loan or hire purchase, borrow-and-spend it boldly. Only if you can guarantee the reimbursement by the amount of time would be nice. Number three: manage wealth in Saturday's blockbuster article on, we point out: "the double flat is not the loose end of the channel, in the context of improved macroeconomic fundamentals, easing may continue, bond bull market period. "

despite the falling stock market and bond market is good news, but the risk we have to focus on. In terms of asset allocation, good planning, financial planner recommended mainly to prudent, in addition to fixed deposits and bonds, can also select fixed-income products, lower risk, returns as well. For example P2P NET loans, bonds, funds, banking and so on. Investment horizon stretched as far as possible, lock higher yields in advance, not under the influence of income has continued to decline in the late. Planning tips a lot of fixed-yield financial products, such as P2P networks, such as loans, banking products, financial funds are closed, before its expiry no early redemption or transfer, so you must ensure that the investment of money, under the premise of the next period of time do not spend, buying products for a long time.



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