Favor funds 50 chip and small-cap stocks position

since mid-June, the stock market experienced months of shock adjustment, swallowed up most of the results in the first half of the Fund.  During the great earthquake in the stock market, stock fund with large area reduction of warehouse for stock.

securities times new media platform for stock market data "data treasures" statistics, according to fund three quarterly reports, three quarter, 1705 in the list of shares in the Fund heavily invested in stocks, total number of shares 60%. Among them, the Fund holdings of 711 stocks 656 holdings unit, in addition to 43 bonus shares did not change.  Thus, in extreme market, most funds holding big face, through positive positioning to control risk.

Shanghai stock index down 29% in the third quarter, the overall market environment relatively pessimistic, in this context, part of the Fund's active efforts to explore the potential of new or increased shareholding shows that confidence.  Market depth adjustments began in the second quarter and continue into the third quarter, further statistics showed that, in the above two important points, a total of 390 stocks second quarter were new funds or holdings, three quarter were overweight.

experience after the markets fell sharply, with excellent performance and stable growth stocks even more in the spotlight.  390 stocks of 50 shares the following conditions are met: first-quarter and first-half profit and growth over 20% if reported three quarterly reports, the former third-quarter earnings rose more than 20%, if not released, good news first three quarters and is expected to increase in value of more than 20%; the market value of less than 10 billion yuan.

the market changes, strong junior and the gem in the first half since June 15, the adjustment is stronger than boards, some kind of performance support, against the popularity of the small unit.  Judging from the distribution, 50 companies mainly focused on junior and gem, together a total of 41 companies, in addition, the Board has 4 in Shenzhen stock market, Shanghai Stock Exchange Board has 5 companies.

from the number of heavily invested in the Fund's view, jingxin 20 funds such as clusters, three season heavily invested funds in more than 10.  Among them, the three most heavily by the late Fund is jingxin, second quarter amounted to 12.09 million shares by 9 funds, three season heavily invested funds rose to 33, number of shares increased to 45.53 million shares, rose doubled.

from the Fund's overweight rate, liberal arts biology 25 units was doubling funds to increase its stake in the third quarter.  As Wo Cushing's shares, the second quarter is heavily invested in by 1 funds, only 360,000 shares number of shares, three season heavily invested funds rose to 10, at the same time, fund a big increase, number of shares surged 13.75 million shares.

comb 50 shares the first three quarter, part of a unit not only merit and maintain high-speed growth. Huaying agriculture 36 companies publish three quarterly reports, 10 companies performance doubled, Huaying agriculture, Wu Tong holding 4 companies, such as doubling the increase for three consecutive quarters. After entering the October index early breakthrough case finishing pattern, rose 13%, 50 stock during the average rose 21%, win the market.



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