Market survey: the Wenzhou speculators after price cut of extinction

in 2015, China's real estate industry is going through the throes of commercialization of housing long after real estate investment growth from falling after the first time in March below 10%, which has fallen to an all-time low--2%.

on March 30 of this year, Central launches a number of encouraging housing development policy, from credit to fully relax the tax exemption period, clearly began to encourage development of the property market. Since then, various cities nationwide have issued various types of supporting policies: limited release subsidies home buyers ... ... So far, only North Canton four deep in first-tier cities and Sanya in the purchase. Around the development of the property market differentiation significantly, first-tier cities, led by Shenzhen sold began to surge, rally, and three or four objectives will continue to be of the line of the city's largest inventory.

on November 10, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman of XI Jinping, the central financial and economic leading group made it clear that, "to resolve the real estate inventory, promote sustainable development of the real estate industry. "

since October, surging News visited representatives of several cities across the country, trying to show the urban real estate market.

in late October of Wenzhou, the weather is still hot, city roads meet up on both sides of the property for sale ads. On October 26, the ouhai district of Wenzhou Sales Office of the German-style mansion, the sales girl is introducing properties to a mother and daughter. Real estate price 1.3-16,000 yuan/sq m, the main city of Wenzhou, which is the most three real estate average price, with a peak of approximately half of the discount. "Not investing now, who dares to investment property. "Mother and daughter surging news that they intend to buy a 120 square metre three-bedroom home," home to relatives, houses and made live. "

after more than 4 years of continuous dip, Wenzhou experience price cut so far this year, the property market gradually becoming more stable. Gold end of the decade 2000-2010, Wenzhou, for developers, called ten years of gold, is also a windfall for ten years. Beam properties in the local real estate enterprises in Wenzhou, Chen yongfeng, Deputy recalled, Wenzhou property start from 2000, rapid rise in the price from two thousand or three thousand Yuan/sq m in the urban area in 2010 to more than 30,000 yuan per square meter, experienced a surge in a decade.

"those years due to better economic development, while land supply is relatively low, a lot of people speculate, resulting in rapid price gains, as a third-tier cities, urban areas average more than one or two cities, in 2010, reaching 35,000 yuan/square meter. "" When selling a House is like selling pickles, possibly just took off, don't even know property where, the House had been sold. Or project is still stuck on the drawing, the House had been sold. At that time of Wenzhou real estate sales office at all. "

Wenzhou new homes agency Cape of good hope agency Deputy General Manager Chen, made said. Chen earned, for example, some properties of lucheng district 2009, ground floor price of more than 9,000 yuan/sq m, plus construction costs, and total costs of about 15,000 yuan per square meter, while the selling price reached 3-3.50,000 yuan/sq m, the profit more than 100% is the norm. Housing prices soared at the same time, Wenzhou has set off a nationwide real estate boom on the ground. Chen, making surging told the news, when buyers were from 200, 300 square meters large begin to buy from the higher floors started to buy, most expensive, best selling, because they could make large buy smaller made smaller. A customer buying a few sets, more than 10 are widespread.

lucheng Plaza is located in the heart of lucheng district of Greentown, family is more than more than 200 sqm to 1000 sqm, 2009 sold 40,000 yuan per square meter at the opening price, every time after the opening prices are on the rise, 2010 rose to more than 80,000 yuan/square meter, each time the building opened, you can get hot, "even to find buying in the province. "In the secondary market, the real estate listings once pushed out to nearly 100,000 yuan per square meter.

2010 is when markets are hot, Wenzhou urban area (lucheng, ouhai, longwan) housing price reached 35,000 yuan per square meter, compared with the first-tier cities, and even there not. Huge returns on the real estate market, has also attracted many non-real estate companies join to do industrial real estate development, land market boom, floor prices continuously hit new records, more than 20,000, more than 30,000 yuan per square meter of land projects are common.



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