Broker class grade b gone wild institutions bet can fold to do so?

last week, the surge in brokerage shares investors shines, with brokerage shares as the subject matter of the grade b products is by leaps and bounds, attracted a lot of attention. Reportedly, many participating institutions are betting on the fold.

however different from the body firm, brokerage rating b continue to rise, many early investors who buy grade b products are more cautious, the reason was mainly due to "hurt". And rose after three brokerages class grade b does a little weakness, in yesterday's market opened high go all green. Brokerage stocks rose leading the hurricane grade b overall poor despite the recent share performance, but the rise in brokerage shares has no intention to be an absolute highlight. According to statistics from wind data, since November 3, the brokerage business as a whole rose 32.43%, while the broader market rose 9.49%.

stocks, plate all the 23 stocks outperformed, which Western securities, Dongxing securities, founder Securities accumulated gains of more than 50%, and 63.45%, and 56.44% respectively, Pacific, Everbright securities, orient securities and other 8 shares rose by more than 30%. Precisely because of the strong gains of brokerage shares, the object raising the grade b share capital scramble, its net worth was eye-popping.

according to the China economic net reporter, last week all passive equity aggressive share (grade b) of the average daily turnover reached 9.37 billion yuan, a weekly turnover of 46.9 billion yuan, deal activity significantly increased before. Closing active varieties including securities b (150172), gem-b (150153), military b (150182) and State-owned enterprise reform b (150210.SZ). Well last week was broker b (150236), securities class b (150344), and broker b (150201), gain, and 33% and 27%, respectively. After this incident, only grade b products out earlier and constantly folding under the shadow, many products are not far from on the threshold. Data show that as of November 15, 10 grading Fund equity within 10% distance on the threshold, where the stock threshold value, the securities unit b distance b is less than 3%. This means that, if the market can continue rising, rating Fund or ushered in a wave of "on the" trend.

reporter understand to, currently most grading Fund "Shang folding" way for "three class return 1", that mother Fund, and grading a, and grading b conversion Hou NET are adjustment for 1 Yuan, mother Fund and grading a, of share number corresponding adjustment, grading b and grading a, keep share ratio not variable, and grading a,, and grading b NET over 1 of part conversion for mother Fund share and returned to grading b holds people. Insiders pointed out that, with the increase in the number of rating Fund products, tracking index rating Fund alone, its b shares tend to rebound early in the industry had a very good performance, not only as a rebound in the market bellwether, but the rebound the best "weapon."

institutional funds bet on the retail "timid" researchers say, on past experience, usually has the right to Rob before approaching on the market, many people will continue to buy securities class a grade b, look forward to grab or two after the resumption of trading Board. Because of this, on November 11, the securities index rose a little over 2%, but there is still a broker b (150236), broker b (150201), stock b (150344) three securities graded b harden.

no matter how the current performance, volatility in brokerage shares on the a-share market this year are still in oversold stocks, which support the long-term investment value of stock brokerage. As of now, Shen Wan Hongyuan ranked this year, CITIC Securities, a-shares drop top. AVIC Fu 旸, an analyst for brokerage of securities market is rather optimistic.

in his view, although after a sharp rise in a row, but securities valuations as a whole is still at a low level, good will also gradually released, there is still great room for growth. But after many rounds of Bull and bear markets convert older investors are not optimistic about brokerage unit of "now."

a veteran investor who has a share of more than 10 years old, said his stock buy just understand the principle of equity, and medium and long-term will rise regardless of the brokerage unit, also need to be adjusted after the short-term surge, then release risks. In addition, this wave of grade b arbitrage in the some cool sound investors should also pay attention. A grade b investor told reporters, his round of the rating Fund arbitrage opportunity appeared relatively calm, and no action, the main reason was graded b "hurt too bad" and don't want to be touched.

fund analysts in Beijing said that regardless of individual investors or institutions, as long as the investors who buy rating Fund, buying some "study hard" after the risks are fully aware of a purchase. Grading clear understanding of the rules of the Fund, be sure to have the high risk of "gambler's mentality" because large funds could not wait for the complete realization of the target to leave the field, so on the off, investors are faced with a huge potential risk grade b.



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