Men with a hundred Yuan banknote detector checkout does not recognize version was rejected

invite friends to dinner with "new money" could not however

"pretty big restaurant, how to update so slow! "The embarrassment of speaking of lunch, Mr Zhu is also very depressed. "Finally some friends, say my dealer into a dinner party mood are all gone! "

15 at noon, Zhu about the friends finally get together for several months. Zhu host 4 people plus friends, Chenghua district, to the East with a duplex near the music Park restaurant.  After dinner, the total consumption is about 400 Yuan.

Zhu when ready to check out, the waiter tells him not to charge a new version of the Renminbi. Mr Chu paused, outside of some change, because, in your wallet, all new version of the Renminbi, no bank cards.  Mr Zhu to laugh or cry.

after the new version of the Renminbi, he loves fresh, rushed to Bank thousands of "new money". "I just said to use new money to invite everyone to dinner, is more exotic, result ' self-defeating '.  "

have a detector at the cash register, at the insistence of Zhu, the cashier only genuine ticket, but it is a pity, printing presses are not recognized.  

friends see this initiative was Bill.

"so embarrassed!  "And bask in a high profile in the circle of friends a few days ago," local payments "than Mr Zhu to new people is" love and hate ".

as the circulation of currency, hotel why not accept it?  Subsequently, this huaxi City newspaper reporter contacted the store's staff, said that, by rights should be charged, but because the money soon, haven't had time to replace the detector in the shop, cashier for fear of receiving money, we do not accept, ask the customer to understand.


large shopping malls have replaced genuine small businesses still can't charge

indeed, since November 12, the new 100 Yuan released, because businesses really want not replaced in time, national presence detector cannot recognise, operators failed to receive questions.  So, in Chengdu on the market, what is the use of the new people?

15th, the journalists visited chunxi and many district found that some large shopping malls have replaced it with a new detector, some shopping malls also distinguish the new version of the Renminbi to the cashier training. However, in roadside restaurants and sundry shops, most businesses are reluctant to charge a new version of the Renminbi. "While on the news to see how can I tell, but something new, there is some fear, so also don't accept. "Jinjiang District, Hou Jie, a restaurant owner said.

next to the restaurant, there is a specialized sales detector shop, the shop owner said, because supply is not sufficient, he only several detector, but sales increased a lot in these two days, he prepared to increase supplies.



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