2016 legacy tax levy? More than 800,000 assets will

from February CCTV report "released in Shenzhen to levy" message so far, 2016 can be heard is really a message to levy. Good planning, financial planner recently on some platforms to see news about inheritance tax. Even some legacy accounts: ·

  total assets 800,000 to 2 million, minus deductions after tax 20% number 50,000, for example, 1 million apply for inheritance tax: 1 million *20%-5 million = 150,000; ·

  total assets above 10 million, minus deductions after tax 50%: 1.75 million, say 15 million *50%-175 million = 5.75 million. At this point, want to tell those present and future assets of more than 800,000 people, don't panic, hold me tight, this is a rumor! September the rumor by others, why do people still corruption? Although the decline in the real economy, but that it not from the poor people's wealth leaks oil and sake, and the levy of estate duty is not likely to be this year's speaker, be implemented tomorrow. 800,000 threshold?

it is too low it! Even if the future really going to pay the estate tax, and certainly is a small group of wealthy, so fast GDP growth in previous years, presumably most of the individual (family) wealth accumulation of more than 800,000, you do the math, a House on baibashiwan, we're all rich?

well, do not deny future inheritance tax, but at least in a new round of tax reform to gradually fall, besides, tax reform should be it's still early. Even if the levy rate is certainly not 20% so high, and the standard will be very high, I'm worth hundreds of thousands of, say something that millions of, no need to worry about.

10,000 step back and say, even if you're rich, "Unfortunately" caught up with the estate tax, as well as with standard, see World Heritage tax countries, also didn't see any rich tax became a pauper, so don't panic. Tell you a few methods of tax 1. transfer of assets or from now on, each proceeds go to your child's name, either immigrants or foreign asset allocations to countries free of inheritance tax.

2. buy insurance abroad there are many millionaires are buying large amounts of life insurance, but it is not for security purposes, but for the estate tax. Because life insurance payment of the sum insured is not required to pay taxes, too, all over the world.

3. leave $ 8.3 billion in legacy trust Steve jobs is said to have died, most of them are placed in a trust. However, because our market is not yet mature, there are no related products. Now we say "trust", have to do with the trust is different. 4. write children to children to buy a house or on the property from a legal sense, who wrote the name on the certificate, legal protection of who owns the property.



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