Instrument of benefit rates "puzzle" post interest rate of less than 3.5%

Central Bank double-drop effect, bank finance, the International Monetary Fund, the earnings of baby products group again declined. According to Puyi wealth data October 5,553 bank financial products issued by banks average yield was only 4.54%, in which only 94 products expect the highest yield in 6% and above, accounted for more than 1.69%. Drop in the yield on balances treasure of 7th, 7th of November 15-year yields have fallen to 2.849%.

Although yields on many types of financial products are not satisfactory, but banks pledge financing remains very popular, some platform to yield even over 8%, the China Securities journal check out ticket network data, the average interest rate of 6-month paper tickets sold only at 3.19%. In other words, some wealth management platform for Exchange of interest rates has been more than actual average interest rate of the notes more than 1 time. Insiders say this is partly because corporate finance needs urgent, but also probably due to platforms in order to attract popular subsidies, but difficult to keep.

popular bills finance in the current financial platforms, Bill financing remains one of the most popular variety among investors. Jingdong finance financial instruments, the novice area benefit bills rate recommended by the 6.2%. For example small draft 53354 products, financing for a period of 49 days, 100 Yuan from the sale, single maximum limit of 3000, accepting bank Minsheng Bank. In ordinary banking, the securities journal, statistics, most sold financial products expected annualised yields of between 4.8% and 4.9%, financial terms ranged from 40 to 130 days, cool in accepting bank liupanshui Zhongshan rural Bank of such village banks, joint-stock commercial banks. Jingdong financial products that will send more frequently, and the rush by investors, this type of financial product, basically half a day will be snapped up by investors.

according to East of Beijing financial introduced, bills finance commercial banks discounted bills, at an agreed rate transfers to the Fund, trust agents, trust agents, after packaging design, and sold to investors. Investors bought paper products, became the trustor and the beneficiary of the financing plan, and receive a corresponding benefit. Jingdong notes provided by banking for small silver ticket products, yield was higher than the corresponding financing and commercial financing products on a regular basis, and by commercial banks undertake to honour, is the ideal fixed-income products.

suning also notes banking as an important financial products, silver products yields 5%, investments for a period of 3 months to 6 months, as booming sales, several products issued over the weekend, had been sold yesterday. Suning commitment, suning financial platform Shang of notes are has real, and reliable, and full of notes as pledge guarantees real, notes products are delegate Bank for managed and due collection, and will due collection funds paid borrowing of principal and, if borrowing Enterprise due cannot completed honour, take out people will according to real right method and guarantees method achieved on notes of quality right, get notes due of repayment. Phoenix financial in the September launch of the Phoenix full draft spill products, the product of 100 Yuan investment, investment horizon between 1 month to 6 months, the initial line yields 5%,100% breakeven baoxi.

in addition, most of the P2P banking system and financial companies also have similar products sold on the Internet. Post interest rate less than 3.5% of bank acceptance bills by accepting bank deposit account deposit tickets, to apply to the Bank and agreed by the banks to review acceptance, ensure pay unconditionally the amount on a specified date to the payee or bearer negotiable instruments. For tickets issued by commercial Bill acceptance, bank credit approval based on the drawer and credit support. Similarly, discounting can make part of the capital owners and financial needs to take advantage of each other, and total benefits. For the banks, discount Bank may receive substantial interest income money back faster and more secure.

for discount business, by discounting you can get short-term financing. However, compared with the above financial profit, bank acceptance stickers and discount interest rates much lower. National Bank acceptance bills of exchange network data, November 15 bank acceptance bills posted price for a monthly interest rate of 2.66 per thousand, annual interest rates of less than 3.2% China Bill net of data display, 6 month term the buyout price of bank acceptance bills of interest at 3.2%, were far lower than bank financing products needed to pay investors returns.

zheshang Bank about the securities Journal said that so far this year, the coupon rate has fallen, is only now approaching the end rebounded slightly, but even so, the November price is a lot lower than in March, currently Bill coupon in the 6 month period between 3.2% and 3.25%, the recent price fluctuations will not be too great.

in addition, under normal circumstances, the coupon rate is higher than that of the State-owned five other banks, in addition to the period of outside factors such as coupon, credit an endorsement is one of the important factors that determine price. Reporters found that most financial management platform, small and medium banks accept a given earnings tend to be higher than that. So-called bank acceptance bills straight stick refers to discount the applicant in order to obtain cash, assign the expiry of bank acceptance bills to banks, Bank at par value after deduction of discount interest, pay the surplus to the holder of an instrument. In other words, direct attached, you may access to liquidity at lower rates. From the perspective of current data, some wealth management platform gives a better interest rate than posted rates of more than 1 time.

these paper told the securities journal, China's bank acceptance bills of exchange-notes that both supply and demand must be in the context of real trade, bills settlement, even remote transactions, must meet both supply and demand, tickets, endorsements and other procedures. In other words enterprises high interest rates for financing, may have their own difficulties. Internet insiders said, now Internet selling of paper products earnings are high, partly because of the financing needs of enterprises is an urgent, hoping to obtain funding, and willing to pay relatively high costs on the other, may also be a platform to promote to attract popularity, own pocket subsidies. However, such subsidies will be hard to sustain.



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