Beijing four-ring prices within three years to 200,000-square meter?

changes of housing wealth from other developed countries in the world history, home income wealth does not belong in the category, just as protection assets and assets from the housing growth did not mean that the accumulation of wealth, nor does it mean enhancements improve the quality of life and well-being. Even the future price of a rose, because the property was used to live, how much is that house prices, only numbers on the books, not real wealth.

for example, only from a Beijing friend housing increased from 2 million to 4 million, but he still lives in the House, still rely on fixed salary income to support a family, as prices rose faster, make a friend feel more constraints. Even though he sold the property to buy other more expensive, better home living environment, apparently also need loans, resulting in rising debt ratios, disposable income, quality of life and well-being as the loans are also consumed.

Second, from the perspective of real estate investment education of financial intelligence quotient, developed the affluent and high net worth family assets from the housing of the control within the assets than 30%; housing accounts for the higher, indicating weaker the investment and financial management capacity, families can rely on a single income, retirement pensioners only, the actual quality of life tend to decline. Moreover, from a cash flow perspective, from the housing will not lead to stable rental income, will have no valid security for banks and other financial institutions (China and many countries in order to ensure protection of their nationals, cannot be forced to do housing auctions and redeemed); in other words, the carrying amount of the asset is the wealth of housing, rather than effectively of the assets. Will back Mr Qian Liqun, a professor at Peking University Endowment, had to sell the House and then to live in nursing homes, I am afraid this is not home buyers want to see old age. A Chinese family finance survey data shows last year, our family owned homeownership rate in urban areas has increased, rising from 84.8% to 87%; in rural areas, homeownership rate remained unchanged, at 96% near.

to increase the percentage of home ownership is not a good thing, while home from overseas accounts for changes in analysis, it is never a good thing. For example,, European of economic most power Germany, since housing of has rate only 38%, United Kingdom of this a digital is 42%, Australia of since housing has rate with economic of stable development, and national income of continued increased, by 80 generation of 67% declined to currently of 55%, full United States territory residents of since housing has rate is 67%, and economic more developed area, this has rate is corresponds to reduced of, and economic most developed of California area of owned room proportion has Xia down to 38%.

why economy is more developed, the more stable a system, welfare and pension system more sound countries proportion of housing is progressively lowered? The answer is: the essence of we the people purchase was actually for their own future retirement plans, medical insurance, wealth inheritance reserved in advance, or uncertainty about the future have to choose between an important way. As society advances, the gradual rise of commercial endowment insurance, offshore asset allocation are acceptable to investors, insurance payments and the gradual implementation of measures such as insurance coverage, let ordinary people do not have to put the "treasure" when desperate charge on the House, we will be trying to buy a House and buy it?

when the real estate market tends to listen, taking into account inflation, price rises, you can bring the expected benefits?

from investors and investments to turn situation, before large-scale capital for high growth, high risk investment products--mansions, turned to the reasonable diversion of capital, pursuit of payback period stability, stable return on investment products, such as trusts, offshore real estate and other products. Actually, China high net people financial needs is to connotation more rich of wealth management needs for change, is because they from sea fight in the has see has real estate profiteering times is change, only has let himself with times of development and transform investment thought, only can continues to in investment market in the "fight"; If blindly only was developers control of, and to marketing for purpose opinion led with nose go, not knows through prices were mixed appearances through now property nature, that future is has may just in investment market "Bo silly", Using his wealth to do someone else's wedding.

Finally, landed in Beijing four-ring summary prices within three years if it's a 200,000 yuan/square meter, it only shows that the Yuan has depreciated; to 40,000 within four rings/square meter (secondary) as a base of growth, over 5 times on three years, is more than a great leap forward when the cultural revolution leap?

broad M2 has now dropped sharply from the average of the past 10 years 18% to 13% range, future monetary policy is prudent rather than extra; more deflation crisis facing the monetary environment, rather than inflation, CPI, PPI value below is an example of 2% in a row. Preach the theory had no basis of prices; market environment, monetary policy can no longer support the spam of the future monetary and income continued to increase and savings is what we should be concerned about and discuss the most, without which national disposable income growth, promotion of real purchasing power, the high and low prices have any significance? About the author: Bureau of foreign experts Affairs, China expert qualification, the international register of senior financial planners; renowned offshore asset allocation specialist, bestseller, winning the overseas property and the author of Australian real estate investment strategy; individual micro-account number: Victorliulei; high class President of the Fortune real estate investment course in Tsinghua University certified instructor.



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