Double 11 credit cards after Taobao return refund?

recently into your express receive mercy, his double 11 defeats so many things, found 11 really is the test delivery after brother when every Courier is carrying huge sacks, is hard enough, it's no wonder men behind the ridicule Ma. Now shopping it is the most commonly used credit cards to pay, you know, if not satisfied with purchase something, how do refund?

1, if you are a PayPal balance or direct payment of treasure, after the application for refund, the refund is returned directly to your PayPal.

2, if you are a Internet banking payment, or bank cards and quick payment, after the application for refund, the refund is directly at your bank card.

3, if you paid by credit card, after the application for refund, the refund is returned directly to your credit card. Credit card refunds are expected to be 3-7 working days to reach your credit card, but is in need of attention, this does not represent the amount paid before the credit card you don't have to.

assumed you of credit card bill day is monthly 1st, repayment day is monthly 20th, if double 11 day you with credit card spent has 200 Yuan buy has a commodity, November 21 you received arrival Hou found this is a pit Dad of buyers show commodity, so you to return, businesses also agreed has, but credit card refund Hou need 3-7 a days to to you of hand Shang, so, you is unfortunately, this pen money to has December 2 only to returns to you of credit card in the, but then, November Bill, you, 200 Yuan has been located on your Bill, though, December 2 the money back to your account, but could not offset the previous bills, you have to put the money, out of the 200, you have to either cash or credit card directly.

directly take now also to note, although this pen money is you of money, take now also has may will received procedures fee, you to see you of issuing bank whether has a pen credit card spill contributions led back procedures fee of costs, if has, that on admission bad, don't take has, also is spent has's, or this pen procedures fee on white out has.



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