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How to choose technical analysis

How to choose technical analysis

early into the stock market or futures market will soon be those puzzled by the complicated technical analysis, with the active stock market, technical analysis books currently on the market have been very rich, gave birth to hundreds of types of stock books, it should be recognized, but this book can be described as mixed.   

many books out in a narrow empiricism on the one hand, it is difficult to provide investors with real scientific and rational analysis, and some books are completely imported technologies means summary, dazzling, but the reader is always swallowed, it is difficult to really digest and accept, let alone use freely.  

according to incomplete statistics, current technical analysis has hundreds of species, with the growing popularity of computer technology, these techniques will become more and more complex, people often hear of technical terms such as chart, the moving average line, position, volume, wave theory, dynamic index, changing the speed index, relative strength index, stochastics, Lali·weiliansi, and so on.

If a brain in a book to the reader so much technical analysis method, is actually quite irresponsible, beginners cannot be mastered so many ways within a short period, introduce themselves may really really get so many methods. For a technical analyst, says that so long as effectively two or three analysis methods, and make their own experience combined with practical enough.  Trying to master all of the analysis was overly ambitious, the results can only be trouble, and up to really good effect.  

technical analysis of the species

through numerous means of technical analysis, I divide them into two categories, category reflects the price trend, or price trend analysis and the other degrees reflects the sale of, or called the swing index.

price trend analysis, primarily through price variation analysis of the future trend. Primary means of price trends is the wave theory, traditional means of analysis are different moving average line, k-line, and open interest and volume, in addition to actual combat, I tried repeatedly summed up the balance and symmetry line is also very effective in future installments, the author will be discussed in detail.  The main characteristic of these methods is based on the analysis of price change itself as the main basis for, and thus, more realistic and workable, predictable, is the most commonly used and the most acceptable method of technical analysis.

swing index is through the monitoring period seller and an analysis of the degree to technical means, it reveals a period of "overbought" or "oversold" movement could turn to prompt prices, in other words it is by finding the index deviate from each other to find possible investment opportunities. Commonly used swing index includes power index, speed index, relative strength index, a random index, Lali·weilian index, and so on. Swing index is another feature, when at the beginning of an important price, its effect is not obvious, but when a trend starts to fail when there are some reference value of swing index.



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