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Investment wiki dictionary: h

Investment wiki dictionary: h

concise explanation: also known as Chinese shares, means registered in the Chinese mainland, in Hong Kong-listed domestic companies.

investment application: the main difference between h-shares and red-chips place of registration, registered in the Mainland is h is registered outside the red chips. Not only are Hong Kong-listed domestic companies and red-chips, including domestic companies listed in other overseas markets, while h-shares listed in Hong Kong-funded companies. In addition, the h-shares also known as Chinese shares, but the composition of State-owned enterprises h-share initial, recently more and more mainland enterprises listing in Hong Kong, also belongs to h shares.

because red-chip pattern is limited, at present domestic companies to h-shares listed in Hong Kong, so the growing number of h share companies will be significantly above the red chips. As of 2007, the number of h share companies has reached more than 120 enterprises.

starting from 2007, domestic investors were allowed to open stock accounts in Hong Kong in their personal capacity, investment, including h-shares of Hong Kong-listed shares. Due to the investor on h-share companies in the Mainland and are very familiar with your industry, h-shares as mainland investors to invest in Hong Kong stock market of choice. Index track the performance of h-shares in Hong Kong was HKCEI, also known as the index of State-owned enterprises.



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