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In the need to maintain a calm optimism

In the need to maintain a calm optimism

market this week after the first, and refreshed the highs recorded in both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index through Friday close, composite index above 5,500 point mark.   This week listed the reunification of China Construction Bank and the cosl's performance, China Construction Bank on Thursday the tide is the first hero of market response, cosl Friday listing price exceeded all forecasts made by the position in the market, reflects the high degree of recognition and of marketing money to optimism.

from hot see, this week colored, and chemical, and brokerage, and insurance, plate and create voted concept, and Futures concept unit are has performance, which colored plate in the of Jean nickel industry, and Tin industry shares, are in this week into hundred Yuan high unit ranks, brokerage unit leading CITIC Securities distance hundred Yuan also near, and early big limelight of real estate, and steel, and aviation, plate is appeared adjustment.

from the perspective of news, suspension of new Fund QDII funds in China to speed up release, PetroChina lightning return to absorb liquidity and divert the capital flow plays a certain role, and ready for stock index futures, gem is expected to be a four-quarter launch, raise down payment on a second home mortgage news also affecting investors ' nerves.

later attention focused on third-quarter earnings growth of listed companies, three quarterly disclosure of listed companies in October will determine the valuation of the market space. From a technical perspective, as the broader market this week received a near-bald head line with hatch, predicted after the broader market still further upside momentum.

morphology and deviation from the target but from a technical point of view, may be limited room for big gains, in an upbeat mood also maintains a calm, if the market rose again after a quick, you need to be treated with caution, and sell at the right time.



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