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Bank banking business into hot funds money safe

Bank banking business into hot funds money safe

in recent days, the banking business booming speculative cash emotion, banks ' financial products temporarily hot money "safe".

"only in the central urban area of the city once the new set of commodity housing requirement is introduced, some speculators suddenly become helpless.  "In a State-owned bank Business Hall, managers told reporters that large capital flows to the banking sharply increased in recent days, but bank financial products is not the money end up, at best, only a temporary" safe ".  

Mr Chen already has a home in Hankou, always intended to buy a real estate rental profit, buy limit order issued, Mr Chen's plan to buy second homes also fell, had to temporarily buy financial products.  

it is understood that the recent short-term finance product supply and demand, and investment terms ranging from 4 days to 3 months, many years ago short-term funding requirements, as income is several times higher than the current rate, 4 ultra short-term financial product particularly favored days to 28 days.

speculators eager to find a channel for keeping, the Fund also became the focus of attention.  Reporters learned from the banks in order to meet the investment demand, current emerging-market bonds type, exponential type, mixed, money market funds and into battle.

"four types of funds as well as issue is quite rare. "A State-owned bank wealth managers said early this year issued 25 new funds crowd, come to consult members of the public, there are many. Last year, 165 new fund issue, the industry is expected, number of new funds were launched this year is likely to exceed 200.


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