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Wife on the family's home in the city for the new year: red envelope was too small does not adapt to rural

Wife on the family's home in the city for the new year: red envelope was too small does not adapt to rural

in organ units work of Changchun public song Mr big on holiday Hou feel: a work, units of female colleagues are in talk to in-laws new year of thing, most are is in complained, some abandon to rural new year conditions bad, some think mother-in-law to of Red too small, some think himself worked too hard, and some think to's husband's family holiday Miss himself dad MOM...... Their wives complained about was very much annoyed by male colleagues in the Office.

things are returning to normal after the holidays. Yesterday, the Changchun citizens working in the departments and units after the song and said he felt the greatest feeling is humbled because of complaints from women. Song worked for two years, until after the holidays, married female colleagues (mostly generation) will sit together and talk about their own family's home rather than go to the husband's family for the holidays, don't think her Festival to give envelopes is too small, which does not get married the song's family life was filled with fear about the future.  

Meanwhile, there are a lot of female NET friend created a "discussion go to the husband's family for the new year" topic forums.  

Office male colleagues were "strong"

Spring Festival holiday soon passed, after the song back to the unit with the departments and units was very excited to and colleagues talk about holiday experiences, but for two consecutive days, one to hear female colleagues complain that the succession is new year's.

song is not married, he said these female colleagues complained about his future marriage full of confusing. Colleague a woman who first introduced the subject, she was married for 2.5 years, and loving people in rural areas, her home is in Changchun. Women complained, the family's home in rural, Kang makes her uncomfortable, sleep, and shopping, she cooks are not good to eat, so every year and she would love to fight before. This year, before returning to the family's home, she's going to a lot of snacks, also decided to cook.

but a home bring back snacks to her mother-in-law to visit children, and when she cooks, next to her mother-in-law always wanted to do something, but she felt that her mother-in-law was watching her.  Listening to the woman's complaint, male colleagues were forced into the audience, feel a lady is sensitive, and is too harsh.

daughter-in-law in the countryside in the city new year not used

b also complained of the same generation, mother-in-law gave the Red little each time, every time back to the new year and take the money and ride time. Ms b complained and room and Board are not convenient in rural areas, is a Spring Festival every year for her suffering.  But her husband courted before the Festival each year, said succession by the look on her husband's feelings on the new year.

listening to the female colleagues complain, song said, he didn't feel that someone is showing the people literacy. "Even though I'm not married, but I am a son, I think their marriage had to have confidence in the future. "

online experience wants back home for the new year

holiday just after many daughters-in-law online talk at their in-laws ' new year's experience. User: family's home in the countryside, in the family's home for the 4 days, I really feel that, maybe the woman is easy to be pessimistic, I even had the idea of divorce. When I got home I told MOM the trouble, mother says himself grew up in the city's sense of superiority cannot be brought back to the family's home in the countryside. Her husband's parents habits of fifty or sixty years not because I am the bride's "visit" to change.  Think, MOM was right in saying, my return trip home superiority at work.

a Netizen said that she and her husband had just a year of marriage, being the only child, so in the two months before the Spring Festival two people arguing for the holidays back home.  In desperation, the two people choose to travel to avoid this problem.

user sums up the five year programme

before the Spring Festival and more users on the Internet to solicit new ideas. The Netizen and lover to marry soon, parents in two separate cities, busy for a year was finally able to go home for the new year, two people have deadlocked for back home.  In this way, the enthusiastic users of your words made me finally summed up a few new year programme, programme one: second day of the first husband's family home; second plan: two take turns one year programme three: book a hotel with two programme four: avoiding conflicting travel programme five: meet go back years later.

expert: empathy understanding

along with social development, growth in many rural children, through their own efforts, play hard in the city have their own little family. Jilin Sun said green, Director of the Center for psychological assistance, above the whine of their wives, their appropriate talk can ease the psychological burden, but if the long run, will be converted to psychological problems. "People are always unpleasant things zoom in, for example when it comes to the family's home for the new year, even taking into account the toilet is not easy, in fact, her resistance inside, so there's no happy feeling will be magnified 1000 times. Marital relationships is important to understand and appreciate each other, standing on each other's point of view. "

sociologists, many generation only child at home is family love, self-centered, lack of understanding and awareness of taking care of others.  So very easily early in marriage does not fit, if poor communication on both sides, is likely to be discordant in marriage, so to stand on each other's point of view.

life in the, and family in the certainly has not Ruyi of thing, because what are no perfect of, believes this festival to you also left has not small of feeling, regardless of is being in-laws of, also is son daughter-in-law of, please call 0431-960011 and we chat chat you of feel and you of along of road, also to those because holiday and nerve-racking of young sent Shang ideas and recommends.



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