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Bask in the money nearly 50,000 children NET money spending biggest

Bask in the money nearly 50,000 children NET money spending biggest

during the Chinese new year, the kids "net print money" post in the forums, paste it in the very active, there are many parents talk on the Internet, said the children "get rich", but poor.  Town life a child online post said, this year's money nearly 50,000 yuan.

in yizhuang, huilongguan community network, life network Baidu "lucky money", both between dozens of hundreds of Sun-money post. Children's gift money from hundreds of Yuan, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of Yuan.  Small communities online, posting child depression, said parents who's money only hundreds of Yuan;-town Web of life a child is excited, said their parents and grandparents, the grandparents and other lucky money to nearly 50,000 yuan, elders of the standard is 6000, 8000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

high emotions in contrast with their children, parents have said low, common aspiration is: Festival of consumption expenditure of money in the most stressful, too poor a year back. Parents said, although the two sides will give the child money for the elderly, but in fact his home early in the year before the two sides had a lot of spending for the elderly; why friends ' children and other relatives of the child, each one.  More distressing is that children don't want to gift money "hand over" to persuade work and struggle.

in a number of posts, and some parents said it used money to buy the insurance, teaching children to buy the Fund, the most stupid way is to save to save interest.



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