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Young small net exposure between 30,000 and 120,000 price Ministry said no irregularities

Young small net exposure between 30,000 and 120,000 price Ministry said no irregularities

this two-day, an article entitled "Beijing young small intermediaries offer a reference price list" post in the parent Forum aroused heated discussion. Posts are clearly marked in the capital nearly 20 primary schools in "man in the middle price" offered ranges from 30,000 to 120,000 yuan.  Parent thread, but was out of 250,000 yuan school choice "super price".

parents Sun "young small" books

called "stupid traffic jam City beauty" of users revealed the price list, Haidian, Xicheng, Dongcheng, and list of 19 schools, and the corresponding prices. Some parents questioned the tariff "unreliable", but most parents don't think that will write less.  Many parents are also drying out their know of "young small" price.  

Netizen "small round bean" messages: this part into a key primary schools, school official price of 60,000, middlemen to 70,000.  

Netizen "ruiqian" disclosure: I had a friend, even the intermediate school, and spent 250,000 yuan, February will be a focus on primary schools, in order to slice into the possibility that a key middle school.  

Netizen "Pearl of the month" message: it can be predicted, after following the real estate agent, school mediation will be hot in the coming years to make the industry.  There is a Netizen said child focus on primary school a few years ago, paid 40,000 yuan this year has risen to 60,000.  

reporter to people in the Trade confirmation, received similar answers and forums: did someone spend 200,000 yuan to get focused on primary school places, and 100,000 Yuan on some high quality resources for tens of thousands of school fees, has made no secret in the parent.  

"young small" easiest operation

for this phenomenon, the analysis of the industry, many parents have realised, with later stages of further studies, "David small" is one of the easiest to operate cross-district school choice links.

up the painful nature of the early not to mention junior high you only consider the key school, because the point enrollment of the school to put out very little, so districts are less likely to pass an entrance examination.  Such analysis will directly affect the child into primary school into junior high and high school in the future, so parents receptions.

as for why there are so many places for operational primary school, industry insiders explain, most focus on primary school enrollment is 6 to 8 classes per year or more.  Many schools, especially in the old town school, the school-age population corresponding, possibly two classes is enough, the extra amount of class can be used to recruit students ' selection.  

prefer "cry in a school"

for school choice at great cost worth it?

Netizen "new 2011" objected to the last primary spent so much. Fight what? Do you think junior high school into a middle school is guaranteed in the future? Now rose early, school choice, school places, or examination.  If you spend it on the children, and teachers develop relationships, fight for good and bad?

Netizen "confused mother" expressed understanding for the money into primary schools: parents always felt that did not take place is not to do with the heart. Flowers, not from comfort into self-pity and then be complaining.  Crying in school more than in an ordinary school crying didn't go to school to be happy.

experts warn parents: do not blindly follow the children to school will be "rational consumer".  Still has a long road to children's educational future, parents need overall planning, don't focus only on primary schools.  

in order to go to school, "dare not voluntary"

sky-high school fees, City Board of education official said, certainly illegal, but if accountability, and analysis of how the money is to hand.  

If parents the way to donate, money given to the Government's fiscal accounts, and got a donation certificate, then such payment cannot be identified as illegal.  

If the money is in the hands of so-called intermediary, it should belong to the criminal case, accuse agency fraud, because education is provided free of charge.  

If the money is collected by the schools, so parents can report directly to irregularities in schools.

for the official version, parents were granted: donate is "voluntary", and "we can't surrender."

Moreover, the pay is linked to the studies cannot be defined at all. Of money to the Agency, is a wish, a wish to get how much fraud? The money to the school, and almost no school will give receipts, proof of what to report? "Young small" sky-high fee, parents seem to have vulnerable groups only.



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