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After the shareholders don't make the same mistake

After the shareholders don't make the same mistake

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Bull, myths, and although investors make money earn laughs, but also experienced the joys and sorrows, hope holiday can rearrange ideas section does not make the same mistake. Error: hearsay killed

many new investors have not yet read the chart came into the market. Yue sister vision also carries a stock market to make money, addicted to gossip news in the stock market, "get out." Results in repeated strokes. "Now, when a new investor and former avid as any stock market investors, is very impulsive, heard any news without analysis. Results truthless. "Her opinion, stock market changes every day: stock concept, index analysis, the performance of the company.   Do not understand these things, finally fired their own stocks.

error II: easily catch up with high impulse

after Li Hong had not touched the stock, he was like many others, saved to hard savings, cautiously in the Bank to meet monthly loan payments. But he found good friends one by one into the market, and to earn money, he also put funds "ants" like to move into the stock market, now his 1/3 position by buying a Fund, 1/3 stock 1/3 Bank. But the waves crash, Li Hong, also felt the risks of stock investment. "Online for a long time in the evening, also failed to understand the crash cause, this is the place where stock market torture. "

error III: investment too dispersed

and new shareholder Mr CHENG told reporters, he went into the 3,000 points when, at a friend's introduction and his judgment, no fewer than 10 stocks to buy, but because the investment is too dispersed, there is no energy only to carefully track results left many" treasures ". "Now back to see these stocks have gone up, but I don't have to analyze them carefully, bought did not immediately rise can't be kept, in fact, are some of the fundamentals are very good company". "After I'm going to straighten out, and concentrate on a few stocks."



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