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Financial planning
Financial planning

near the end, when it comes to the year-end awards. Year-end bonuses are more or less, but everyone began planning early how to make good use of the money.  

except at the end, give yourself some "good" outside yourself, many people want to take good care of a large sum of funds, and that at the end of the market which are worthy of investment products?

Bank paper

in short-term financial stability to win

Miss foreign white-collar workers, got more than 50,000 yuan bonus this year, in addition to buying a branded bag yourself the right outside, bonuses remaining 40,000 yuan, for the money she wanted to look for a higher liquidity and capital protected investment products. Some time ago, Miss Zhang heard colleagues on new year's day when the short-term finance product, annualized yields as high as 6%.  And then she was tempted to see short-term bank financing products, there are no higher-yielding products.

bonus how to allocate after they receive?

financial planner, said year-end bonuses as a complete funding, we can according to the bonus plans by how much proportion of consumption and investment. "In addition to deducting the necessary expenses and bonuses take care to balance investment, we recommend 30% for consumption, 70% more suitable for mass distribution investment family.  "

analysts recommendations.

"under normal circumstances, is a financial product issued at the beginning of rush hour. Financial products this year is mainly dominated by short-term and short-term popularity.  "A financial planner says, more strongly due to expectations of interest rate hikes this year, so investors long-term financial products are not enthusiastic about, most investors are more in favor of short-term financial products.

However, Miss Cheung wanted to buy high yield short-term financial products, financial planner, said she may be disappointed.

at the end, a number of banks to complete the assessment objectives December 31 loan 75%, wealth management products as a way of attracting capital, so before new year's day has introduced a number of high-yield short-term financial products.  According to statistics, new year's day 4 days before expected annualised yields of 3.8%-4%, expected annualised yields of products for 9 days 3.9%-4.1%;14 days expected annualized rate of return of about 4.1%.

financial planner, said Bank financing products, concepts began to appear the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year holiday if the term spans, more products in the short amount of this product. Worth noting is that the same financial products, financial management and financial yields quite different new year's day Spring Festival, because on the premise of not raising the deposit reserve rate, the check total as well as at the end of the month is tough, coupled with the beginning of bank liquidity and generally not too tight, so there won't be too many "red deposit impulses." 7 days of the Spring Festival holiday product yields will be higher than usual.  Financial Planner predicts that this year's Spring Festival holiday products yields to 2-5 basis points above current levels.

prepayment account

2008 Mr Lee bought a House loan of 500,000, loan term is 15 years, two years ago and there is no prepayment.  But the second half of last year, interest rates rose earlier this year when I get in a sum not lower bonuses, Mr LEE is the first replacement of the portion of the loan, introduces monthly monthly pressure on loan.

Mr LEE, analysis of financial planner, "If the public are saddled with mortgages, interest rates will indeed bring monthly monthly increase. But normally one or two hikes range is limited, if the loan amount is not high, the monthly increase for months for not a lot more.  "Analysts suggested that if the monthly increase in interest expenses can be affordable, you can avoid early repayment.

financial planner with the case of Mr Li accounts: the greatest impact on the property market at present is more than 5-year loan interest rate, from 6.14% per cent to 6.4%.  Loan of 500,000, for 15 years a total of 180 period, matching the repayment of principal and interest is used to calculate (as at October 20, 2010 benchmark interest rate), the monthly repayment amount 4257.2 Yuan if calculated in accordance with 6.4% base rate, the average monthly mortgage payment was 4328.1 Yuan per month, only 70.9 per month payments, buyers are not a lot of pressure.

also in an interview with public, "CPI is now 5.1%, and benchmark lending rate was 6.4%, and there are no prepayment necessary.  "In this regard, the financial planner, said Bank lending rates are still relatively low, if you have extra money in the hands of investors may wish to find ways to finance and investment, to be above the loan rate of return should be is not a very difficult thing.

for people that require prepayment, prepayment of tips to save money there. Prepayment can be divided into shorter repayment period, and reduced monthly payments, financial planner says, carefully choose to shorten deadlines so you could save half of the interest. Advised, if the monthly mortgage pressure, prepayment of proposals try to choose a shorter repayment period, you can save more interest.  If monthly pressure, you can choose to reduce their monthly payments.

Gold article

physical gold investment first

Zhao gold has more than 10 years, every year get year-end bonuses he will buy some gold. "I started to buy some jewelry, then more money, I started buying new year gold bars, did not think gold prices will rise so high, decade also have a good income, I will continue to buy this year. "

near the Lunar Spring Festival, every time is the peak season for gold sales.  The customs of the Chinese people has always been favorites for gold, as gold prices soaring in recent years, gold has become the new darling of the investment.

financial planner said that in the long term, gold is up, investing in gold can play a role in value and value-added. Currency to print, and gold produced each year are relatively fixed.  With prices rising, the currency, the price of gold will rise.

current prosperous new year gold bars, financial planner, said new year gold bars given the cultural connotations of the Chinese Spring Festival, along with its exquisite designs and styles, is a collection of best, like most popular lunar new year gold bars on the market. But mainly because of its value to the collection of new year gold bars, so the risk of investment is quite high, it is because the new year gold bars of a high price.

for example, this year's Lunar New year of the rabbit gold price up to 360 Yuan per gram, to dozens of more expensive than banks offer investment in physical gold bullion.  If you purchase an investment in gold bars, its price is only real time gold price coupled with fees ranging from $ 14/grams.

in addition, the financial planner has also reminded investors that directs all banks for gold bars are buy-back. In other words, banks buying back their sales of gold bars, and gold sales process credentials to keep like save the gold itself, otherwise subject to identification of gold and other additional costs.


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