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Wuxi Kwong Wah financial services firms use the Internet and other new technologies to achieve SME and innovation of investment and financing, and provides a platform for financial services for SME development, can effectively resolve the question of transaction costs, and asymmetric information, and uses of credit ratings, network security and other means to reduce credit risk.

in today's rapid development and popularization of the Internet and the increasing importance of the network. Network financing comprehensive online financial and electronic commerce, will reflect its importance and convenience. Wuxi Kwong Wah financial services companies in this trend came into being, perfect combination of network and financial.

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Network financing as a very promising financial models, valued by many members of the IT and banking sectors, it is also in the fast track of development. Network financing has the advantages of low cost, fast and convenient, are business or personal spending money option.

Wuxi Kwong Wah financial services firms as the financial intermediary services platform, has a strong business background and the support of all major banks, with net lending a unique advantage, the combination of IT and financial talent is strong backing for the development of the company.


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